Samstag, 22.09.2018

Impulse - Wahrnehmungen - Verköstigungen. Ein interreligiöses Projekt: Naturschutz als Band der Religionen

Sa 22.09.2018 // 16 – 19 Uhr // Workshop // Kapuziner Klostergarten Münster

Freitag, 29.06.2018

Ethik des Lebendigen - Vom Umgang mit Nutztieren

Fr 29.06.2018 // 18 Uhr // bis So 01.07.2018 // ca 14 Uhr // Tagung // Kloster Stift zum Heiligengrabe // Heiligengrabe

Samstag, 10.03.2018

Impulse - Wahrnehmungen - Verköstigungen. Ein interdisziplinäres Projekt: Die Synergie aus Ökologie und Spiritualität

Sa 10.03.2018 // 16 - 19:30 Uhr // Workshop // Kapuziner Klostergarten Münster

Mittwoch, 06.12.2017

Die Würde der Tiere - Vortrag und Symposium

Mi 06.12.2017 // 9 - 17 Uhr // Vortrag im Rahmen des Symposiums „Kulturlandschaft im Wandel – biodivers oder artenarm?" // LVR-Freilichtmuseum Lindlar

Freitag, 15.09.2017

Was die Natur uns predigt - BeSINNungstage InNatura

Fr 15.09.2017 // 16:00 Uhr bis So 17.09.2017 // 14:00 Uhr // Schnupperwochenende im Haus Mariengrund // Münster

Samstag, 09.09.2017

Impulse - Wahrnehmungen - Verköstigungen. Ein ökumenisches Projekt: Für eine ökologische Reformation.

09.09.2017 // 16 - 18 Uhr // Workshop // Kapuzinerklostergarten Münster

Projects & Co-opertations

Projects and Co-operations

In order to find spirituality based on Creation we provide religious exercises, workshops, and excursions where men can be in contact with plants and animals. Therefore we want to organize events and develop concepts together with centres of further education, national parks, and zoos.

Projects in Co-operation

“Veggie-Day” in Münster – Münster goes veggie
The initiative is actively supported by volunteer workers of the friends’ association of the Institute of Theological Zoology, by local environmentalists and animal rights campaigners, and also by the city of Münster. Members of the friends’association provide posters, flyers, information stands etc.

Religious services in the zoo

At regular intervals there are ecumenical services in the zoo in co-operation with the all-weather zoo in Münster and the Gymnasium in Emsdetten. The services in the zoo are celebrated together with visitors, in the presence of animals.

Spiritual Exercises
Spiritual exercises provide time for groups to reflect intensively on nature, prayers and our fellow creatures. The institute co-operates with Kloster Vinnenberg and the National Park in Wangerooge.

Panel Discussions / Lectures / Seminars
In co-operation with various institutes meetings are organized to raise awareness of the issue “The dignity of animals” in different contexts.

The Institute works together with the University of Osnabrück, especially with Dr. Birgit Hegewald and Prof. Dr. Andreas Lienkamp.

The cooperation with the Bishopric of Münster has been intensified via the close contact to Maria Kleingräber (environmental officer of the Bishopric)

Via contacts to Dr. Pandalis, biologist and green entrepreneur, the project “Glandorfer Gespräche” (Glandorf Talks) was started off. The project is to find possibilities of further interdisciplinary discussions concerning sciences and food production. In this context the Institute of Theological Zoology tries to initiate discussions concerning agricultural production, nature protection (WWF) and the Church.
Second Glandorf Talk - Topic: Factory Farming

In order to establish an environment centre of the Church the Institute of Theological Zoology is involved in the project “St. Franziskus Zentrum zur Bewahrung der Schöpfung” in Gescher (St. Franziskus Centre for Integrity of Creation). In contact with INFAG (Interfrnaziskanische Arbeitsgemeinschaft) the Institute strongly supports the objectives of the members of the order to achieve justice, peace and integrity of creation.

Our Own Projects

Lecture Series
From October 2010 until March 2011 the Institute of Theological Zoology organized a lecture series titled MENSCHUNDTIER (Man and Animal) together with renowned lecturers.

Our aim is to provide a library on the topic ‘Theological Zoology’.