Freitag, 15.09.2017

Der Augenblick ist Gottes Gewand - BeSINNungstage InNatura (3)

Fr 15.09.2017 // 16:00 Uhr bis So 17.09.2017 // 14:00 Uhr // Schnupperwochenende im Haus Mariengrund // Münster

Sonntag, 20.08.2017

Staunen. Lauschen. Schwindelfrei.

So 20.08.2017 bis Sa 26.08.2017 // Wanderexerzitien // Lü, Engadin

Freitag, 11.08.2017

Mitgeschöpf sein - Schöpfungstage (17/2)

Fr 11.08.2017 // 16:00 Uhr // bis So 13.08.2017 // 14:00 Uhr // Schöpfungstage in Haus Mariengrund und Umgebung // Münster

Montag, 10.07.2017

Der Augenblick ist Gottes Gewand - BeSINNungstage InNatura (2)

Mo 10.07.2017 // 16:00 Uhr bis Fr 14.07.2017 // 14:00 Uhr // Besinnungswoche in Haus Mariengrund // Münster

Freitag, 23.06.2017

Mitgeschöpf sein - Schöpfungstage (17/1)

Fr 23.06.2017 // 16:00 Uhr // bis So 25.06.2017 // 14:00 Uhr // Schöpfungstage in Haus Mariengrund und Umgebung // Münster

Montag, 12.06.2017

Eine grüne Reformation!? Aufbrüche Ökologischer Theologie in der planetarischen Krise

12.-14.06.2017 // Tagung // Evangelische Akademie Hofgeismar


Theological Zoology in English

Welcome to the Institute of Theological Zoology in Münster. We are glad that you are interested in our projects. The work of the academic institute is based on the following fields of attention:

Science & Research
Apart from different theological anthropologies there is no elaborate theological zoology. In cooperation with other scientists we want to focus on this branch of science.
Science & Research

Education & Catechesis
We develop and publish materials and study guides for schools because we want to increase the sensibility for the issue ‘Safeguarding Creation’ in the Church, in Christian parishes and in schools.
Education & Catechesis

Projects & Co-operations
In order to find spirituality based on Creation we provide religious exercises, workshops, and excursions where people can be in contact with plants and animals. Therefore we want to organize events and develop concepts together with centres of further education, national parks, and zoos.
Projects & Co-operations

Approach & Aims 
Head of the Institute & Founders
Dr. Rainer Hagencord          
Dr. Anton Rotzetter
Words of Welcome

Position Paper
Institute of Theological Zoology

Poem by Anton Rotzetter // Excerpts from the Yearbook 2014
Personal Greeting Klaus Müller // Excerpts from the Yearbook 2014
They do not look back and they do not ask about tomorrow // Public Forum
Our Fellow Creatures // Translation Herder Korrespondenz
Yearbook of Theological Zoology1/2014