Be Active

for the dignity of animals

You can do something - for the recognition of the dignity of animals. You can participate in the non-profit project of Theological Zoology, which has set itself the task of promoting a change in awareness towards animals and the entire natural world through education. You can support the work of the ITZ in the long term with your donation or through a sponsoring membership and, of course, through your concrete voluntary work. MANY THANKS

With increasing knowledge, animals will be closer and closer to humans. When they are again as close as in the oldest myths, there will hardly be any animals left.

Elias Canetti ( Nobel Laureate)

Working together – being part of a great team

Of course, we are glad about your concrete cooperation. Ideas, expertise and passion are needed in all three fields of work of the ITZ, in research, pedagogical work and last but not least in the implementation of various projects. Depending on your interests and skills, your collaboration can mean research, administrative tasks, event logistics or concrete building and gardening activities on the grounds.

If you want to be part of a colourful, committed and great team, if you bring along reliability, and can volunteer, we look forward to hearing from you:

Donating – quite spontaneously

Individual donations mean financial support without binding commitment. With your donation you can finance the human labour in this project, the purchase of materials as well as hay for the donkeys. Donations to the non-profit Institute of Theological Zoology (e.V.) are tax deductible. At the beginning of the year you will automatically receive your donation receipt. Please distinguish between “donation ITZ” and “donation ITZ - donkey” in the subject line. For the purpose of issuing the donation receipt, please enter your address details.

Donation Account:
Stichwort „Spende ITZ" ODER Spende ITZ-Esel"
Darlehenskasse Münster eG
IBAN DE41 4006 0265 0045 0415 00

Online-Donation Tool:
You can also support the work of the ITZ comfortably and securely with the donationtool.


Reliable as a sustaining member

Sustaining membership means support with a plan - ideally and financially. As a sustaining member you support the work of the Institute for Theological Zoology e.V. (ITZ) through a monthly or annual contribution (from 30 € per year). In return, we will keep you informed about the activities of the ITZ. In addition, the sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible. A donation receipt will be sent to you automatically at the turn of the year.

Every member makes our work (more) planable

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